The water department handles all of the billing for water, wastewater, and sanitation.

New Service

To turn on new service at a residential home that is currently connected to the Water and Sewer System there is a $100 deposit required. This deposit can be paid in installments of at least $50 to turn on then $25 and $25 are added to regular water bills. Renters may be required by their landlords to pay the entire deposit upfront.

Water Tower 2021


The City of Elkhart now has the capability of e-billing for utility billing accounts. If you are interested in email notification for your City utility bill, please submit  the E-Billing form or stop by City Hall.


The City of Elkhart now accepts online payments.  To sign up please submit an Online bill pay form or call City Hall At 620-697-2554 

Homes Not Connected to Water or Sewer System

Homes that are not connected to either the Water or Sewer System are required to be platted before new service can be provided to them. Please contact the Building Inspector at 620-697-2171 for more information about this process.

  1. Water rate
  2. Sewer rate
  3. Sanitation Rate


Gallons Rate
0 to 4,999 Gallons Minimum Bill $17.50
5,000  and over $2.00